For the 3rd annual BLOOD BROTHERS, South Africa’s first rock supergroup features 6 brand new members to take up arms against their biggest struggle yet. In their quest for victory, they will be performing your favourite hits, as well as songs by their own heroes. The choices are bold, the talent undeniable, the result – unforgettable.

We got to chat to new comer Jason Oosthuizen (Van Coke Kartel, Black Cat Bones) ahead of his performance with the super group.

You’ve played in a number of the biggest SA rock bands, how has this influenced who you are and how you approach life today?

Well I think it has most certainly taught me to grateful to be doing what I love for a living.I think I’m one of the few guys at my age of 30 to have been playing music full time for 15 years.With regards to how I approach things today, I guess just be cool and know your shit. Nobody has time in this day and age for time wasters.

You recently rejoined Van Coke Kartel for their last tour, what was it like to rejoin the likes of Jedd and Franny?

We all four share a very special bond. Myself, Wynand, Jedd and Fran all went through some crazy times together in VCK. We nearly broke up at one point in time after a overseas tour to the point where there was tears around a table at a restaurant in Sea Point and it was a very crazy time for us all, but we managed to pull it all together and kept doing what we did without anyone knowing a thing. In the same breath we had huge success so it was not all sad vibes. I was a session drummer on the last tour but once the first chord was struck it felt just like the old days playing Koppi, RamFest or opening for Metallica. I think the four of us playing together will always be the same.

It’s your first time playing for/ with Blood Brothers, what are you most looking forward to?

After coming back from the states I grew a liking to playing longer sets so I am super amped to play for 2h plus. It is also cool to play with some new people; Albert, Jaco and Loandi should be interesting. But most importantly I think this show is really special for the reason why we all actually getting on that stage in the first place.

Photo by Andre Badenhorst.

What’s been the toughest thing for you, as a professional drummer, in the South African music scene?

To be honest, I have had an awesome career. I have only good things to say and I’ve been super lucky to be where I am today by playing the drums. If anything, the only thing that was maybe a little bad was people not wanting to work with me at one point due to my drinking but that was so far and few between that those people can go get @#%& to put it nicely. I love my job and wouldn’t want it any other way.

Besides music, what brings great joy to your soul?

Well, I got married to the most beautiful woman in the world last Saturday, I have three awesome hounds that keep me quite busy and lastly I have some involvement in a retail music store which is pretty cool.

What’s next for Jason Oosthuizen?

I’m going on tour with The Narrow soon.
Launching the new Lost&Found Record in November.
I’m currently on a Creedence Clearwater Revival Tribute Tour.
I’m super excited for BloodBrothers.
But most exciting is that I started tracking my solo album today which I will only be telling you guys until the first single comes out.
Not sure what else to share but I’m a workaholic so I always have a million things going on.

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