DYD: Tell all the good people reading this about Bassik Assault.
Bassik Assault: Hello all the good people reading this. Bassik Assault is a production/DJ duo from PTA. It’s basically King Rat and myself (Barend) doing what we want on Reason, FL Studio and the 1UP stage at TNH parties. We usually go hard until I decide to go deep and then Rat goes HARDER… nice one right? Usually is. We love bacon and other meat hehehe.

DYD: What would you say is unique about Bassik Assault that makes you stand out from other Drum and Bass performers in the local scene?
Bassik Assault: We’re from Pretoria. We use clean language and play our own tunes…in Pretoria.

DYD: Can we expect some more production in the near future, it has been quite a while since the last Bassik Assault release?
Bassik Assault: Definitely! We know it’s been long since we released anything, so as soon as people start playing our released music get everyone together and let them know ; ) And also I’m busy studying and King Rat is busy running shit so we can get rich.

DYD: What are you views on the current state of electronic music, both on the whole and in the local scene?
Bassik Assault: We think the scene in PTA is still forming itself into what should become a safe platform for artists and promoters alike. As for electronic music in general, I (Barend) don’t have an opinion. King Rat is loved by bitches so with his bitches and some psy beats we make it work 1time.

DYD: How do you think Drum and Bass can evolve as a genre especially considering the strong rhythmic elements that make the genre what it is?
Bassik Assault: Like every genre, its evolution depends on the previous decade’s production. Every genre evolves because new peeps do what old peeps before them did. Drum and Bass will maybe head back to its roots in future, that’s what we know anyways.

DYD: What can we expect for Bassik Assault this year? What are you hoping to achieve?
Bassik Assault: In 2014 we will do what we do every year, WHATEVER WE WANT. (No we really gonna work harduh then evah 4rlz). We hope to have successful careers in the music industry whether or not it’s standing on a stage or sitting in a studio.

DYD: Lastly what do you see for yourself in the years to come?
Bassik Assault: Composing cray melodies with the PTA family and Barend getting a real job!

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