Kyle spent time interviewing Benson ahead of his performance at !Arcade Empire’s 3rd Birthday. Benson has been actively involved in Science Frikshun and really gives us a break down of his career.

DYD: Tell us about your career as DJ from beginning until today.
Benson: I got into Drum and Bass while looking for different music to play for my Aerobics classes back in 1994. The very first Drum and Bass track I heard was Q Project’s Champion Sound, I totally fell in love with it and started buying any Drum and Bass I could find – it wasn’t easy back then, you had to search CD and record stores, place orders etc.

My first residency was in April 1997 at the then 206 in Orange Grove, Jo’burg. Back in those days, as part of the Next Step Crew, I played at some of the top clubs in and around Jo’burg, including; Reality and 115 sharing the decks with; Ed Rush, Aphrodite, Raiden etc in those years.

I then joined the Reflex Crew – that brought the legendary Trancesky (Phuza) Thursday Drum and Bass nights in Mellville.

I am now part of the Science Frikshun Crew. I have played most parts of the country (Pretoria, Durban, PMB, PE and Cape Town). I have also played at very big events like Oppikoppi, RAMfest and Twilight. I have also played alongside the likes of; DJ Fresh (UK), Camo & Krooked, Nymfo, Danny Wheeler, Drumsound, Netsky and Grooverider – to name but a few.

DYD: What makes you stand out from the other Drum and Bass DJs in the local scene?
I play Liquid Drum and Bass and I have been DJing the longest in Jo’burg.

DYD: Tell us about your involvement with Science Frikshun.
I’m a resident DJ at Science Frikshun events and I’m also part of the SF movement. I have been involved with SF for many years and it is the most significant part of my DJ career.

DYD: Are there any plans for creating any original tracks in the future?
Yes, I am hoping to have completed at least one original track this year.

DYD: What are you views on the current state of electronic music, both on the whole and in the local scene?
I like the way that the electronic music scene has grown, but am very concerned about the growth of the commercial elements of the music – by that I mean that there is now a great need to distinguish between EDM and Underground Electronic Music. That distinction is a lot more prominent in the local scene. Anyone that talks about EDM, you immediately know they fall in the commercial side. Drum and Bass (in my opinion) is still very underground locally. This is good because the majority of people that come to a Drum and Bass party come for the music, so there is less drama and no fights.

DYD: How do you think Drum and Bass can evolve as a genre especially considering the strong rhythmic elements that make the genre what it is?
Drum and Bass has been evolving constantly it is the fastest evolving genre of electronic music (in my opinion). That’s what makes it an exciting genre to be involved in. For example, there used to be 4 sub-genres of Drum and Bass in the 90’s, now there’s probably over 20! So it will continue to evolve as rhythm patterns get more and more complex.

DYD: What can we expect from you this year? What are you hoping to achieve?
Benson: I
’m hoping to be a producer (in addition to DJing). I am working on a few thing with some people, so watch this space.

DYD: Lastly what do you see for yourself in the years to come?
Benson: I always find that a difficult question, but I hope to still be a significant part of the electronic music scene (not just Drum and Bass) worldwide – fingers crossed.


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