We spent some time interviewing Black Cat Bones ahead of their Cool Inc Tattoo Expo performance.

DYD: You have done so well in the musical industry. Tell us a bit about your journey up to this point.
Black Cat Bones: To tell you the truth, no one expected it to go this far. We’re extremely grateful for the support we’ve received over the past almost-10 years and by the look of things we’re bound to carry on for at least another 10. It’s been a real eye-opener discovering that as an original blues-rock band (not the most popular of genres) we can actually cut it in this dog-eats-dog industry without aiming solely for the top slot on the pop charts. We remain focused on the journey as opposed to the destination, and I believe in that lies our strength.

DYD: What are your musical plans for the rest of the year?
Black Cat Bones: Another album, some videos, and a whole lotta touring.

DYD: What can we expect from your Cool Inc Tattoo Expo performance?
Black Cat Bones: This will be our 4th performance at the expo and as per usual we don’t intend to pull any punches. Most of the patrons that attend these kinds of events like it hard and heavy, and that’s how they’ll get it.

DYD: What are you looking forward to most at the Cool Inc Tattoo Expo?
Black Cat Bones: All the pretty pictures, and ooooh, the KILLER line-up!

DYD: Does anyone in the band have a few tattoos that they are willing to tell us the story behind them?
Black Cat Bones: Nope. Virgin-skins all around 

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