Hello Beautiful has been working on his debut self-titled album. The brand new album is available for download today and you can get it by clicking here. We spent some time getting to learn about Hello Beautiful’s progress and his new album.

DYD: So we’ve been watching your career as Hello Beautiful grow. How would you describe your progression from the release of your Supernova EP to your upcoming album, Hello Beautiful?
Hello Beautiful: Well, there are only 3 vocalists on the 8 tracks this time as I felt the need to explore the instrumental side of my music more. My sound has definitely changed because of this. I originally had 18 tracks for the album but narrowed it down to 8, only choosing the best tracks. That’s something I haven’t really ever done.

DYD: A lot of work must have gone into producing your self-titled album. Can you tell us a bit about it and the creative processes you had to use to make it?
Hello Beautiful: Some of the tracks on the album are old ideas I came back to. I felt like I needed to get them done, they couldn’t just sit there as they reflect a time in my life. It was a bit of a challenge for me to give them life.

DYD: Can you give us a description of the colours, moods and some images that you associate with each of the tracks on Hello Beautiful?
Hello Beautiful:
1. Chilling in a galaxy far far away
2. Something we all go through
3. 2am dancing in the streets
4. It was worth the wait
5. Halfway house
6. Get it out
7. Having the best time
8. Riding through the night

DYD: What made you decide to do an album instead of an EP?
Hello Beautiful: I felt it was time. All 8 track melt into each other, it’s a journey, it tells a story. I feel it should be associated as an album.

DYD: You worked with Dylan Culhane to make the album cover. What was it like working with him and how would you like the cover to be perceived by your fans?
Hello Beautiful: It was great, he is great! The idea was to have someone do the album cover but have them do it their way and it’s got his style all over it. I want people to look at it and feel the need to look up some of his other work too if they haven’t already done so. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

DYD: What are your plans for the rest of the year?
Hello Beautiful: I have a few shows in December. I’ll also be having a album launch in Cape Town on the 25th of November with Untamed Youth.

DYD: Tell us your greatest measure of success in the music industry.
Hello Beautiful: Being a part of my favourite band KIDOFDOOM. I started out as the merch man, ended up as the bassist. KIDOFDOOM plays a big part in Hello Beautiful. It was one of the reasons I started this project.

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Photo by Nelis Botha

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