Online Radio is popping up everywhere. Instead of listening to 8tracks (even though it’s banging) you can tune in to Hey Baby Radio on Assembly Radio on Tuesdays between 12h00 – 14h00 pm (Central African Time). Nic Preen (lead singer of DYD favourites, Al Bairre) and Andie Reeves (slick clothes maker) talk all sorts of relevant news and goss – and they are better than listening to the FantaTop40 in the early noughties.

DYD: Andie, Nic. Hello! Tell us what you guys do when you’re not making great puns on air.
Nic: I like to sing, surf, sow, sip and selfie. Casually. I don’t really sow. Yeah, I do.
Andie: For fun I like to eat Flings, look at Twitter and listen to Drake. And for money I do stuff with clothes like make them and style them on shoots and work in a shop that sells them.

DYD: Hey Baby Radio is a flippin’ casual vibe. In your twitter bio you ask people to “hang out with your new best friends.” Tell us how you guys did that – because it feels like we’re friends even though we haven’t met.
I think it’s because Andrew and I are like two friends-of-a-friend you know? And you, the listener, are that exact friend and you’ve gone to the bathroom and we’re left to make small talk while you wee. While you sit draining, you’re thinking, “Shit, I’m the best friend ever! They’re probs getting on like a house on fire”. When really we’re still just talking kak. The music also rocks! The DJ playing is fetching annnnd getting! All whilst you enjoy the classics on the poo. The “hang out with your new best friends” is actually a cry for help.
Andie: We didn’t even know each other when we started the show so we became best friends on air for the whole world to see; it was basically a reality show. The only time we really hang out is in the studio so you’re just listening in on us catching up and chillaxing as pals. That is our big secret to how we got the chilled out/hangin’-out-with-your-friends feel for the show. Please don’t tell anyone. We’re also very into interacting on Twitter and have made lots of new friends through it although I think most of the girl friends that I have made are just using me to get closer to Nic.

DYD: Hey Baby Radio wasn’t always known as by this name. Why the name change? 
Nic: Buy Puppy Club clothing now!
Andie: It started as an extension of my clothing brand (Puppy Club) so we were called Puppy Club Radio for our first year then we changed it ‘cos Nic thinks I’m too obsessed with dogs and being in clubs.

DYD: What can listeners expect to take away from your show? 
Nic: I don’t know. Nothing really? Nothing’s very factual, it’s all hot goss. Neither of us have much of an education on anything.
Andie: Kinda rude, Nic, I’m very smart. You can expect to find new music ‘cos Nic is really good at finding music that touches you on your heart (sweet, yet dangerous stuff), you can expect to feel more informed about us ‘cos we talk about ourselves a lot which is obviously an important topic for most people, and you can expect to learn about hot goss, another important topic.

Our listeners are tuning in from their work desks, or as a study break, or sneakily in class by doing that trick where you feed your headphones through your jersey sleeve and just pretend your head is really tired so you have to rest your ear on your palm, and we just want to distract you for two hours and brighten up your day. Part-time radio disc jockeys, full-time angels.

DYD: A thing we do at Drop Your Drink is quick fire questions, where you essentially have to pick one answer. You ready?

DYD: Doughnuts or Macaroons?
Nic: I don’t think I’ve ever had a macaroon.
Andie: I once had a bite of one and they are hella weird. I could eat doughnuts all day long.

DYD: Fish or Beef?
Nic: I’ll eat the fun out of a tuna salad. Yoh!
Andie: Tuna is what we feed our dogs. Beef forever.

DYD: Eminem or Macklemore?
Nic: M
Andie: When I was thirteen my biggest dream was Eminem would come to my school and ask if anyone in the crowd could flawlessly rap along to Hailee’s Song and that person would be me and then we’d kiss.
P.S. Macklemore could die and I would barely cry.

Denim on denim or curdoroy waist coats?
Nic: My brother’s name is Denham.
Andie: Corduroy makes me feel ill.

DYD: Knysna or Durban?
Nic: Knysban.
Andie: Durban is good.

DYD: Big Bang Theory or Modern Family?
Nic: MODERN FAMILY DUH THIS BIG BANG BULLSHHIT NEEDS TO GO. Jim Parson should go do something cray and take up cigarettes again.
: The Big Bang Theory can go bazinga itself.

DYD: Flowers or chocolates?
Nic: I like receiving flowers but you can’t eat them.
Andie: Flowers can’t feed my family.

DYD: Australian bands or British bands?
Nic: Both but let’s go with British.
Andie: One Direction.

DYD: Thanks so much guys. We’ll be tuning in!
Nic: Kiff! Thanks Drop Your Drink! X
Andie: Drop by any time!/please call ahead if you’re going to drop by we’re busy people xoxo

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