DYD: First and foremost tell us about the new EP, Passages. What does it mean to you and how do you want it to be perceived by the populace as well as the fans you have amassed since your inception?
ISO:Passages is an EP which we feel is a metaphor for having options of going down a certain path with our musical integrity. We are at a point where we have experimented with many albums and now we know which kind of style we are most comfortable with.

DYD: Passages has a stark stylistic divide between its two parts. Tell us about the inspiration to create music that strays from your usual, comfortable space.
We wanted to do something daring and different. The EP has a more sludgy post rock sound as well as a more electronic hip-hop feel. We like exploring different styles of music and we feel it was something we needed to do now.

DYD: In regards to the last question, perhaps I’m looking too much into it, but by now everyone is familiar with your equipment vanishing off the face of the earth at last year’s Oppikoppi. Has your rebuilding of your equipment collection, and perhaps the emotional ties to your instruments become a sort of metaphysical or mental journey towards the release of this EP? Has this journey perhaps reflected on the record somehow, perhaps spurred the courage towards the creative shift that we hear in this EP?
No not really, it was shit and set us back but we didn’t let it affect us or our music.

DYD: Tell us about the choice of the name Passages for this EP. Does it refer to any sort of physical passage the members of ISO undertook or perhaps a path a fictional character had to take?
Yes, it is a metaphor for the passages we are taking musically and in our lives.

DYD: Why release a EP considering your immense success releasing full albums? Was it a reflection of the rapid devouring and increasingly transient state of music in our modern society? Is there still a place for lengthy albums?
We felt a full length album at this stage would be too much for people to digest and decided that an EP would be a good idea. We also had never done an EP before so it was an awesome experiment for us to go through with.

DYD: You worked with Peach Van Pletzen on the recording and mixing of this record, tell us about this experience. Did working with him reflect on the EP? Did not having to focus on the mixing side of the music making process allow you to expend greater energy on the crafting and pure creativity of the EP?
We wanted to give the responsibility of mixing to another person and we really like working with Peach so we decided to do it with him. He had a very creative approach which we really liked. He definitely contributed a lot to this EP.

DYD: What does ISO have in store for people, when it comes to the shows you are playing to promote Passages?
The new songs have been going down really well. The more mature electronic songs give the show a very dynamic feel and allows a lot of space for the voice.

DYD: Can you give us a description of the colours, moods and some images that you associate with each of the tracks on Passages?ISO: Never Going Back – orange and yellow
Youth and looking back at being young from an older perspective.

Something To Believe In – blue and white
Searching for an honest answer in this world we live in, either in faith or spirituality.

The Place That I Know – red
The feeling of a place you were in love with in the past, where everything felt right and honest.

Signs – black and green
Sets the mood of desperation. Crying out for understanding.

Not Afraid – white
Feeling of comfort even in distress. A sense of disappointment.

DYD: Lastly, is there anything you want to say to the people reading this, the fans and the people who are learning about you for the first time?
Spread our music with everyone you know. Come to our shows and experience the live performance.

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