We got to talk to Jimmy Nevis about his latest album, The Masses, and some of his experiences. He recently signed with Ultra Records and is an artist to watch.

DYD: So tell us a bit about yourself. How did you get into music and decide you were going to make a career out of it?
Jimmy Nevis: I feel like my life has been a musical. I grew up in the church and was always involved in school productions, plays, talent shows, choirs – anything that I could be a part of. Music and God are the only things that I am really sure of in this life – you can’t see it but you can feel it. It was only in 2012 that I really decided that this was more than a desire but it was actually something that I needed to do professionally. I was not born to be normal. This was always part of the plan.

DYD: You talk about bringing pop music back. What’s so special about pop music?
Jimmy Nevis: Pop music is the soundtrack to our lives – it’s something that is easy and not exclusive to anyone. It’s there to capture moments in our lives, eras in our memories; it’s there for the masses. I think that people are so ashamed to say that they listen to pop but it comes in different styles and forms – you just have to find the pop that suits you best.

DYD: Tell us about your latest album. What are the main themes in it? And what inspired the name The Masses?
Jimmy Nevis: Well it’s about us – a collective. Although inspired by my experiences, it’s about you. It’s about one’s career, the choices we make. It’s about the social-political issues that plague our society today. It’s about love. It’s about hate. It’s about life. (Dramatic, I know but just go with it)

DYD: What was it like signing with Ultra Records?
Jimmy Nevis: Amazing. I have yet to conquer the international industry and I hope that through them I will be able to do that. Ultra has a lot of credibility and I plan on taking full advantage of that next year.

DYD: Tell us your greatest measure of success in the music industry.
Jimmy Nevis: I’ve always had this vision of my music unlocking powers that bind people from different races, cultures, classes and genders together in one place. Very few artists manage to get that right and I hope that I am able to achieve that type of success to the point where the music becomes political and the political becomes sensible.

Photo by Earl Martin

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