DYD: Tell us about yourself as well as your DJ career from genesis until now.
Michael Lesar: Hello, I was born in Cape Town and grew up in Mitchells Plain on the Cape Flats. I started DJing and organising events (Tyte Productions ) about 13-14 years ago and moved to Johannesburg about 4 years ago.

DYD: What got you into being a purveyor a deeply underground genre as electronic swing? How did you get into this type of music
Michael Lesar: I’ve always loved swing music. In fact, my love affair with music started with swing jazz about 20 or so years ago when I was still very young. I listened to guys like Louie Armstrong, Elle Fitzgerald and big band swing so when I heard electro swing as a house DJ at a festival in Cape Town it was love.

DYD: We always catch you at Park Acoustics. What can people expect if they haven’t stumbled blissfully into one of your earlier performances before?
Michael Lesar: 
I’m always excited to play at Park Acoustics. It remains one of my favourite gigs of all time. Electro swing is the perfect ending to an epic afternoon. People can expect some happy swing music with great energy. I can’t really say more as I’ve never ever planned a set in my life, hehe. All I know is you haven’t experienced a proper Park Acoustics until you’ve stayed for the swing in the end.

DYD: Do you think there is something about the vibe of Park Acoustics that enhances the very good-time, feel good type of sets you throw down? Perhaps your music or style just gels at a event such as this?
Michael Lesar: 
A bit of both I think. Yes, the music definitely works with a daytime Sunday happy vibe, especially ending off. However, I must say I haven’t seen a more fun loving happy crowd like the Park Acoustics crowd. We feed off each other, I think it’s the perfect partnership.

DYD: There is a vast variety of artists that grace the stages at Park Acoustics and as such draw vastly different crowds. Does this shifting audience reflect off you and perhaps morph the shape of your sets, or do you just do you, strive to bring your own uniqueness to the sets?
Michael Lesar:
For sure there’s been loads of great artists bringing new people to the event. Like I said I don’t plan my sets so I’ll make it up after checking the response to my first track that usually shapes my sets for the day with a bit of my own flavour of course, my secret ingredient if you will. Swing music just has that happy effect on people. I love watching people’s reactions.

DYD: You are about to perform a few shows overseas- tell us about them.
Michael Lesar: 
WOW, what an experience I just finished playing at a New Years festival in a jungle in Thailand to a 3000 strong international crowd. It was absolutely amazing I played house music only and they loved it. It’s something I’ll never forget in a hurry, I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it. Last Friday I played at House of Afrika at the Media 1 Hotel in Dubai. It was also a house set. I’m feeling very proud at the moment.

DYD: Lastly, is there anything you want to say to the people reading this ahead of your upcoming shows?
Michael Lesar: 
Yes, thank you so much to all for all the love and support. You guys make everything worth while. Just seeing the smiles on people’s faces makes me so happy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! And don’t forget to like my artist page haha!

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