DYD: Tell us about Paint Club, its formation, its members and how you would describe the music that you make?
Paint Club: Paint Club is a sophisticated and dirty wild band that plays fun music. Paint Club is made up of Wessel, Wes, Chocolate Dave and Uri. Our music is happy pop with African beats and cascading waterfalls of guitars and banjos.

DYD: Your music is an interesting mix of folk, with a touch of Africa, and an over-all slick feel good rock shimmer. How did you come up with this style?
Paint Club: Our influences are varied. If Paul Simon had a baby with Crystal Jones from TLC, and that baby learned to play banjo.

For the most part, Wessel would come up with a basic idea for a track, then we all work through it adding input and tweaking the arrangement till we have something we are all happy with.

When we started Paint Club we had many different objectives that we wanted to achieve but I think the one that we agreed upon mostly was to make sure that our music would inspire people to jam, have a laugh and squeek some takkie!

DYD: Tell us about you upcoming EP, its title and what can people expect from it?
Paint Club: The title is Johannesburg and its a four-track EP. It’s just a small taste of what Paint Club is about. We will be going into studio in the next few months and we will be releasing our first music video very soon.

DYD: Can you give us a description of the colours, moods and some images that you associate with each of the tracks on your new EP or perhaps with the EP as a whole?
Paint Club: Navy, orange, green, happy, vacations, summer, winter, skating, whiskey, lights, wilderness. Sun, fun and sexy adventure party!

DYD: What do you want people to take from your music, emotionally and thematically?
Paint Club: We want to make people happy and joyful, sweaty and serpentine.

DYD: Do you have any plans to tour on promotion of this release?
Paint Club: We are currently gigging a lot in the Western Cape and will be at &Union on 28 May in Cape Town. Following this we will be doing a mini-tour of Johannesburg. We will be playing at least three shows in Gauteng, we can not say much more at this stage though. But you can catch us at Jozi on Fire on the 25th of May. It is going to be cooking so get there early.

DYD: Lastly is there anything you want to say to the good people reading this?
Paint Club: Good people, download our music (go to our Facebook page for details or Soundcloud). It’s free! Share it, and come watch our live shows. We love you!
Paint Club (Chocolate Dave): I can’t wait to share a moment of bliss with each and every single person reading this. Look us up and connect with us!

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