We’re interviewing a few of the acts performing at Grietfest 2014 this year. Second in the series is Phat Jack, a Johannesburg-based Deep House DJ.

DYD: Tell us about your act and how you began. We want to hear about your sparking source of inspiration to do music and your motivating drive to do it well.
Phat Jack: I play a deep tech house sound, I began DJing when I was at school, used to sneak out of the house and go to raves and 4th World in the early 90s and I fell in love with deep soulful house. I’ve been DJing for nearly 20 years and have developed my own style and signature sound. And I try to push good music with a little nostalgic throwback every now and then.

DYD: What do you think of Johannesburg’s music scene? We’d like to expand this question and ask how you think Johannesburg fits in South Africa’s music scene as a whole.
Phat Jack: 
Johannesburg has so much to offer in terms of music and the events that are put on, from EDM, trance, house, techno and hip-hop. We have it all and promoters who do it well and not so well?

DYD: Do you have a favourite performance? Where was it and why is it a favourite?
Phat Jack: 
My own? I played before Frankie Knuckles (RIP) The Godfather of House, that was an insane experience to DJ with someone that was one of the creators of this scene and influenced my life.

DYD: What can we expect from your Grietfest 2014 performance?
Phat Jack: 
Some Deep Chuggyness, rolling basslines and a good time J.

DYD: Who is your favourite act on the Grietfest 2014 line-up?
Phat Jack: 
Trancemusicsoul, I heard he kicked ass at Sonar in Barcelona, so will be dope to check him out.

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