SUMO is an extraordinary bass music party because it’s hosted in a house and the bass is super heavy. Yetu got to speak to Ciaran Mckivergan about the whole concept. We can’t tell you much but keep the 23rd of November open. Photos by Yetu.

DYD: What inspired to you to create SUMO?
Ciaran (SUMO): 
Well firstly who doesn’t love those cute and errrr cuddly round balls of flubber, you know the kind that find it enjoyable to throw each other around a circle on a regular occasion? Well we love them! Not really, but really. SUMO is all about that heavy weight, we are trying to focus on heavy weight bass parties, you know that bass that creeps up from down under, leaving every hair on your body standing!

We’d been chatting for a while, and it came to us that there really isn’t a huge variety of big bass parties with a difference in Jozi, so we thought that we’d throw something together, at the end of the day we just want people to have as much fun as possible.

DYD: One of the reasons why I love SUMO so much is because it’s a house party. I know we all miss those days and I was struck by how much it reminded me of HotBox Studios back in the day. How did you get around to organizing its house party feel?
Ciaran (SUMO): Well when brainstorming the concept behind SUMO, we wanted it to be different, completely different from everything else that is going on right now, then we got to reminiscing about high school days (Brandon and I were at school together… how kiff?) and how great the house parties used to be. So we went on a search, found a house, worked our magic and bobs your uncle; heavyweight bass in your pretty little face! (It was a lot harder than that but I’ll spare you the nitty gritty.)

But wait there’s more, as I said we like to live on the edge, do things a little differently, you know, we have a few other epic venues in the pipe-line for SUMO, so keep it locked, this is only the beginning.

DYD: How have people been responding to SUMO? And is the crowd made up of alternative people or boytjies that listen to 5FM?
Ciaran (SUMO): 
From what I’ve seen, and you would know better than me, but it seems people are loving it! It is a straight up no rules party set in the suburbs where people just let loose and live large. You can’t go wrong.

What’s interesting is that the best feedback I have got to date is from the performers, seems they really love to play to the SUMO crowd, on the SUMO rig, in the red lit room! I’ve been told the intimacy between crowd and performer at SUMO is like no other, which is rad. My philosophy has always been: ‘Keep your artists happy, and the party will be happier.’

The crowd is definitely alternative, but hey, all are welcome as long as you leave your bad vibes at the door.

DYD: Where do you see SUMO in a year? 
Ciaran (SUMO): Mmm… well up, up and up! We definitely want to expand in the new year, I don’t want to say to much too soon though, but watch this space!
DYD: What acts would you want performing at SUMO (go crazy here)?
Ciaran (SUMO): Oh no you didn’t!

There are so many that come to mind. With regards to local, we want to give everybody a go. If you can hold yourself well in the box then we’re whiling to give you a shot. With regards to internationals *evil giggle* a little Disclosure, Rusko, Bass Nectar would be mad, and, and, and…. I could go on for days, but I’d be giving it away!

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