The Cockpit Brewhouse is a Pretoria-based craft brewery and eatery in Pretoria. The brewhouse will be at the upcoming Capital Craft Beer Festival in Pretoria. 

DYD: Tell us about your brewery from its beginnings to where it is now.
The Cockpit Brewhouse: I used to be an avid home-brewer, and eventually my wife got tired of me messing the kitchen and insisted I get my own place. At home-brewers festivals I was always hounded by people wanting to buy beer from me and, so the Cockpit Brewhouse was born. I always loved aviation (myself, Stephan Meyer from Clarens Brewery and Eric van Heerden from Triggerfish Brewing used to own a small plane), and decided to combine the two loves.

DYD: You have experienced some very interesting events on your journey to create amazing beer, namely explosions and beer staining parts of your home, tell us about some of these unexpected happenings.
The Cockpit Brewhouse: I brewed a strong Russian Imperial stout, and the yeast was very happy with all the available sugars to feast on. So much so, that they blew the lid off the fermenter and covered my wife’s car in sticky beer and yeast!

DYD: What do you think about the rise and rise of the craft beer industry in South Africa, and also specifically in Pretoria?
The Cockpit Brewhouse: I think it’s wonderful that craft beer has seen this huge rise in popularity. I feel that, as an industry, we are still far away from critical mass. We need more brewpubs, especially in Pretoria.

DYD: Do you have any advice for up and coming brewhouses?
The Cockpit Brewhouse: Don’t do it if you think you are going to get rich from it. Do it because you want the coolest job in the world. Focus on quality and forget about gimmicks. Let your passion show.

DYD: What can people expect from your showing at the Capital Craft Beer Festival?
The Cockpit Brewhouse: I’ll be serving a beer called Purple Haze – a Weiss beer, re-fermented with organic Brambleberries.

DYD: Which beer is most popular at the Cockpit Brewhouse? The Helles Belles Blond Ale, Fokker Weiss, Spitfire English Pale Ale, Mustang American Pale Ale or the Black Widow Stout?
The Cockpit Brewhouse: Helles Belles and Mustang are my best sellers.

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