We’ve been loving a new artist on the circuit. His name is TiMO ODV and he’s been making headway with his latest track “Save Me featuring Sarah Jackson.

What would you be doing if you hadn’t decided to become a music producer?

I’d be a graphic designer making your business cards.

What has been your experience of learning to play so many different instruments in such a short time?

Music is a language and once you can speak the basics eg. scales, chords, harmony and you understand those things the rest starts to become really natural as every single instrument is based on exactly the same principles.

Talk to us about “Save Me“. What is the song about and how was your experience working with Sarah Jackson?

The song is just about that feeling when you are alone in a situation and you are basically looking for someone to come and bail you out. Working with Sarah Jackson is a breeze, she’s a talented singer and a killer on the harmonies.

We really like the music video for Save Me. You’re one of the few South African artists to create a music video with an international aesthetic. Was this something that you aimed for in production?

Yeah it was, people were saying the music felt “international” so we wanted the music video to accompany that.

We haven’t really associated Kempton Park with amazing musicians. What would you say to young artists looking to break out of your region?

I think stay focused, work hard and be your own worst critic. It’s better to work on your music for 2years and have a good song to put out then to put out 200 songs that everyone will just overlook.

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