We catch up with ISO and talk about their success in South Africa’s music industry and their new album, “Polydimension”.

You’re incredibly successful within the South African music industry. How do you stay grounded enough to carry on working on new music?

It’s not something we find difficult to maintain for two reasons. Firstly, we are truly blessed with many great musicians and artists in South Africa who are constantly paving the way forward for everyone else and just being exposed to those people is a very humbling and special experience. Secondly, we are all humble human beings in our own right. Each one of us understands what we are doing this for and it’s certainly not to be in competition with every one else. We let our love for one another and our passion for our art drive us.

Some people choose to create music to leave a legacy. What drives you to create music?

All of us had started our musical journeys at a young age so we have been fortunate enough to experiment with the different factors that drive us. One beautiful thing is that we all came together at a time where our individual driving factors all cosmically aligned. Right now we do what we do because of love; Love for our music, love for our careers, love for each other and love for our fans. This is something that is evident in our shift towards our original sound. We aren’t interested in immediately appealing to everyone, rather we will strive to appeal to the people who are forward thinkers and are ready to be taken out of their comfort zone.


We’re interested to find out how you guys work together. We saw a funny Facebook post about your writing process and now we’re interested to know the behind the scenes action. What is your song-making process like?

Haha, we do love a good ‘ol Meme!

We all get along like a house on fire so it’s easy from that perspective. Otherwise, the atmosphere is an ever changing one, from easy to driven to even tired sometimes. The one thing that is really satisfying is that no matter the atmosphere, respect, admiration and a sense of team work never disappears. Our current setup is really something special.

The writing process is one of our favorite parts of this whole journey. All the guys are proficient musicians which is something that lets us tap into each individual’s personality when writing; from Richard’s soft spoken nature to Franco’s out going and hyper intellectual self. We try make sure that this is something that comes across in our music and also in our performances. Otherwise it’s a keg of Franco’s home-brewed beer and a couple of like-minded individuals expressing what we feel at that time.

Tell us more about your new album, “Polydimension”. What was the production process like?

Our new album is something that we are really excited about. Being able to go back to our roots with the new addition of a member was a fantastic journey from conception to execution. We have been working hard to bring our fans a new experience that encompasses our old sound with fresh, new flavors.

Polydimension is only the beginning of a whole new chapter of the ISO franchise, complete with a full narrative to our music, enticing merchandise to satisfy the fashionista inside us all and a new and up to date stage performance with impressive props, lights and some fancy footwork from our frontman.

Which songs stands out for you on “Polydimension” and why?

This question is a very difficult one to answer. As we said before, our music has each individual’s personality etched into it. So choosing one would be like saying pick your favorite band member… They’re all our favorites, we are just excited to see which are the crowd favourite songs.

You’ve already been able to achieve so much. What is your ultimate musical success?

Alongside our goals of breaking the South African and international markets, our ultimate musical goal is to build a project that will be able to surpass the bubblegum nature of popular music today and continue to do so in the coming years. We really would just like to play forever.

Photos by Sean Brand

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