We talk to Just Jinjer about their latest album, “Everything Since Then”, and their success as one of South Africa’s most internationally recognised bands.

Just Jinjer has achieved so much. What moments stand out for you and why?

I think having two albums sell more 100000 copies each was big one for us. In many ways it’s what we have tried to achieve again since then. More than anything we are just grateful to still be doing what we do. Life and the industry are so fleeting so every moment is a true gift for us!

“Everything Since Then” is your first album since your self-titled album released in 2006. Why has it taken so long to make, “Everything Since Then”?

It was a long time in the making but it actually got done quite quickly. We’ve always been very quick when it comes to learning and making music. We co-wrote 6 songs for the first time ever. Literally 6 songs in 6 days, from scratch. It was such fun. We felt like kids again! The album really flowed and we look forward to making much more music.

You’ve talked about an evolving and different sound to your music. How have your previous fans received this?

We are yet to see the full extent of fan reaction simply because the roll out of the record is taking a bit longer than usual. So far the feedback we’ve had has been amazing though. It’s been a really positive embrace all round.

just jinjer

What advice would you give to aspiring South African musicians that are trying to break the borders and make their music international?

I would insist that everyone is constantly aware of the state of their ego. Ego does not last long in this industry. Humility and gratitude will serve you much longer. Don’t burn any bridges.

What has it been like getting to support major international acts like U2, One Republic, Maroon 5 and Counting Crows? 

Every moment has been a privilege and an honour for us. I wish we had been a bit more cognizant when the awesome things were happening all around us but it’s easy to get caught up in the moment I guess.

Sum up 2016 in one word.


Photos by Daniel Craig

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