Hey Alex, how did you get into music?

As a kid I was very receptive to odd noises and sounds, music become very interesting and before I knew it I was 14 learning to play drums to be in a hard rock band, then when someone handed me a copy of Fl studio a year later, I was completely hooked, and here I am now pursuing a full time career in music.

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m working on my next album,  starting my own record label, working towards playing more shows overseas and releasing a lot more EPs and Mixes this year too.

Is Leeu really your last name? Answer this with a ROAR if it is. If it isn’t, why Leeu?

Leeu is not my last name,  It came to me 4 years ago in Turkey at a restaurant when I had decided to start a new Alias to play live with, I looked down at my wine glass and there was this clear image of a lion in the reflection on the table, (I have the picture to proof it) and Leeu just came first to mind! Also it is my star-sign and I do believe is my musical spirit animal and the symbol literally follows me where ever I go to be honest.

What was your favorite TV show growing up?

I watched A LOT of shows growing up but nothing really hit home like an episode of The Mighty Boosh.

If someone gave you the statement: “Dank made me do it”. What would the story behind it be?

Writing a song called “Away In a Stable” mostly using different animals sound samples that I recorded living on a farm, arranging builds and drops with horses galloping and ducks quacking- dank made me do it lol.

Make South Africa’s alternative music scene _______ again. (Complete the sentence)


Lastly, what are you most excited about for Mieliepop?

Mieliepop is my favourite festivals to play at in South Africa, I’m especially excited to be curating my own mini stage by the River showcasing Sounds of Suid Tronica! The bands are always amazing, I’m really excited to play under that waterfall in the rave cave too! What a treat!

Listen to Leeu here.

Photo by: Jono Kay

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