We chatted to lil’ bow ahead of Grietfest. Find out if she would rather live 1000 years or 10 100 year lives…

How do you feel when people call you lil bow instead or lil bow?

I cringe a little because it makes me think of Lil’ Bow Wow. I gently correct them but maybe I shouldn’t. The first festival I played, I overheard these young guys excitedly pointing out my name on the festival flyer, saying that Lil’ Bow … Wow was playing. As I walked past, I was like “yeah, at 6pm.” They came and lil’ ol’ me was behind the decks − psych!

Has Johannesburg’s music scene become more accommodating toward female musicians over the last few years?

Well people just refer to me as a DJ now, not a ‘girl DJ’. Does that count as progress?

Would you rather live for 1000 years or 10 different 100 year lives?

10 different 100 year lives. Who wants to be 1000 years old? Not even Dumbledore was that old.

Do you remember your life before?

My life before being a DJ or one of my 10 different lives? If it’s the former, I had a questionably short fringe, still referred to EDM as ‘rave’ and lived at home. If it’s the latter – I feel this strange pull to Spanish culture so perhaps I was a Spanish woman. Or man. Or mule.

And can you be different creatures every life?

Apparently my spirit animal is a penguin, so I reckon I should try out one of my lives as a penguin and see what happens. Although, I don’t know if I fux with being a 100-year old penguin – that’ll get you probed and prodded by scientists or thrown into a zoo.

Check out what lil’ bow is into by checking out her SoundCloud and see what you’re in for at Grietfest 2017 by clicking here.

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