We got to speak to Mansionair, a magical Australian music group early last year. They have since progressed from duo-to-trio status. Here’s what Alex and Lachlan had to say.

Humor me, let’s pretend I live under a rock and I haven’t heard of Mansionair, could you introduce yourselves in 3 sentences?

We’re Alex and Lachlan, we’re from the Northern Beaches in Sydney Australia. We’ve been making music together for about 6 months under the name ‘Mansionair’. We spend half of our time in small room making music and the other half eating.

Were there any other names you were considering when you first formed? 

We were actually just called MANSIONS at first but there’s a band in the USA with the same name that’s already put out a few albums. So we decided to tweak it slightly and confuse everyone.

How would you describe your music if you had to describe it to a hermit from Warfhuizen in the Netherlands?

We really love live instruments with electronic sounds on top of chilled out grooves. We try and find really unique voices to bring it all together. The goal is to combine sounds from different genres that wouldn’t necessarily work together, but do.

Scenario: You’re out with your mates and have had a couple of beers, “all the tables, on their tops”,  what is a typical activity that would constitute in you dropping your drink? 

We always get really competitive towards those arcade games some bars have. Particularly the hunting one, many drinks have been spilled and many friendships tested as a result of that game.

What sets you apart from every other dream pop/electronic/indie artists?

We’ve never really been interested in being in one particular genre. We’ve both come from different musical backgrounds and I guess we feel like it’s that collaboration that pushes out the music. We might start a song thinking it’s going to be an indie rock track and might end up doing some strange chilled out downtempo song.

Have you played at any major festivals around the world? 

Haha we wish. We’ve really just started getting music out there. Maybe in the future if all goes well.

Given the opportunity where would you play and why? 

We’ve always been a big fan of SXSW, it looks like a great festival for new music. There’s so many great festivals in Australia as well. We actually met at St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival about early last year and we’d love to go back and play there sometime.

What are your takes on South Africa and would you guys ever visit/tour here?

We actually have some friends over there at the moment staying in Cape Town and they say it’s absolutely gorgeous. Looks like you guys have an awesome music scene as well. It would be amazing to come and play there sometime in the future. It’s definitely high up the list of places we want to go to.

Where do you draw inspiration from? 

Mostly from the music we’re listening to at the moment. We’re really into people like Bonobo, London Grammar, Jai Paul, Hiatus Kaiyote and James Vincent McMorrow.

Lastly, what are your takes on bacon?

Why? Did bacon say something about us? Did it like our song? We’ve been fans of bacon since the beginning.

Photos by Mike Brooks

Listen to Mansionair here:

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