We spoke to Matthew Mole ahead of his Big House Craft Beer Festival 2015 performance.

You’re married! We’ve been following the updates from that. How has the experience been and how will it affect your music?

Haha no ways, that’s rad. It’s been amazing. A whole lot of new experiences but I know it’s going to be an amazing next chapter in my life. I love Jess loads, so it can only mean good things for new music.

You have a ton of shows booked in September. Will you be able to balance your new life with all the shows that you need to get to?

I planned that balance months ago. Jess and I both went into this relationship and now marriage knowing that my side can get hectic at times. We’ve been able to manage it so far so we’re not worried.

What can we expect from your Big House Craft Beer Festival 2015 performance?

New songs, new set, new instruments. I’ve been working hard on lots of new stuff, so I plan on playing lots of it.

We’re sure that you pour your heart out into every single song that you create but do you have a few that stand out? Could you also let us know why they are so special?

There are definitely some that stand out to me while I’m writing or performing them. I don’t know if they stand out to others, but sometimes it could be one of the songs that was about something I’m going through again. Other times it’s as simple as a whole lot of fun.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Lots of touring and finishing off everything I’ve been writing this year.

What has been your favourite performance this year?

I’ve recently started playing with a drummer, my friend Craig. One of the shows with him definitely stood out for me this year – maybe Ballito Pro a few weeks back.

What is your ultimate musical success?

To, internationally, have people’s lives changed and at the same time be completely happy with the way my life and career are going.

Photo by The Famous Frouws

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