You’re a boy girl duo. Where does the name “Medicine BOY” come from?

No special story there. Just kind of fell upon us. Or us on it.

Which artists influenced you when you were growing up?

The Stones, Joni Mitchell, BRMC, The White Stripes…

What have you been up to? And, what are your plans for the rest of the year?

Photo by Luca Vincenzo

We’ve started writing for a new album which we hope to record in the Winter. We’ve got some exciting shows coming up across the country & are releasing a new Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys LP in May.

Tell us more about your album, ” Kinda Like Electricity”. What inspired it, how has it been received so far?

It’s a very personal album. Relatable, we think. We’ve had some great feedback over it. I’m sure some people hate it too. And that’s fine.

You’ve recently completed an Euro tour last year – how was the new album received that side? Any great venues and crowds you played for?

It was a wonderful tour. Amazing venues & crowds, mostly. France was a massive highlight, once again. Opening up for Dead Meadow for four nights was a real treat. Playing in Berlin alongside The Warlocks, Michael Rother & more was fantastic.

What does your ultimate musical success look like?

One’s goals, aspirations & ideas of success change quite quickly. For now, we’re focussing on writing the best new material we can.


Feature Image by Pierre Rommelaere

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