We spoke to Mogallywood Brewery, one of the featured Big House Craft Beer Fest 2015 breweries, ahead of the event. Click here for more details on Big House Craft Beer Fest 2015.

Tell us about your interesting name and how it came about. We saw that your logo references the Hollywood logo.

My wife Lauran studied drama and always wanted to go to Hollywood. When we moved to the farm outside Mogale City we jokingly said that it was in the direction of Hollywood, so when you go to Hollywood from Mogale City just turn off 16005km early and you are Mogallywood (combination of Mogale City and Hollywood).

How did the Mogallywood Brewery get started?

I was always fascinated by the fermenting process making beer from all the fruits the local green grocer discarded outside his shop in Alberton where I grew up. There would always be something brewing under my bed next to the Texan Plains under my bed when I was a kid. When we moved to the farm in the Magalies Mountain in 2007 I built my hobby brewery. When we lost our trucking company in 2010 we had to derive an income and started the commercial brewery. We had a restaurant and pub at the brewery but the farm roads made it very difficult, so we recently opened our White Dog Taproom outside Magaliesburg.

You’re in the business of creating interesting beers. Why did you decide to take this approach instead of creating mainstream beers?

Our flagship original ROEKS BEER is a Kölsch and the PORTER our other signature beer. Not mainstream but easy drinking beers. I brew what I like to drink since I must finish what we do not sell. My childhood fruit beer skills came into place when I saw non beer drinkers at festivals looking for ciders and fruit drinks. Our Raspberry, Waldmeister, Ginger, Orange, Lemon and other beers became popular. In 2011 a prominent commercial brewery said to me, “Roeks, you can not flavour beer,” but I did not care a flying F and brewed what I felt like. We recently added an energy beer called RENERGY which gives one enough energy to keep on coming back.

What beers can we expect from you at the Big House Craft Beer Festival?

Can you give us your opinions on South Africa’s craft beer industry?
Glad to see it growing by the day. Soon we will see a brewery in every town, that will make touring the country much fun.

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