Their debut album delivered 6 consecutive Top #10 singles with 2 of those, Hush and SAMA ‘Record Of The Year’ nominee Build It Up, hitting #1. The album was also nominated for 3 x SAMA XXI Awards: Best Producer, Best Pop Album and as mentioned, Record Of The Year.

Today, Monark Launch their new album and we catch up with Graeme Wuth to find out what’s what.

When you guys curate a set list do you change it from country to country or venue to venue, or do you keep a set-set list?

We generally stick to a show we have worked out for a couple months, but do have to mix it up a bit depending on the duration of the show. We also, have a ‘broken down’ set, for smaller venues, and play with the full setup for larger shows.

Have you ever found yourself without underwear in a public place

There’s nothing wrong with going commando from time to time.

Since Eugene has his PhD in Ancient Greek, does your new album have any Greek in it?

Not in the literal sense, but we’ll leave it to you to work out some of his lyrics.

We feel that a personal motivating factor, albeit a superficial one, is that we want to create music to leave a legacy. To be able to materialize something in this life that lastingly affects people. Would you say legacy is a motivating factor for you?

That’s a cool quote – who said it? Yeah, I guess so. You always want to write music that people relate to and enjoy – music means so much more when you can share it with someone, and if that connection lasts it’s even more special. And, who doesn’t want to write a classic? Anyone who says that don’t enjoy lasting recognition is lying. People, songs bands, everything, comes and goes. To be remembered is cool.

Tell us a story about a day in your life.

If I do that we’ll probably lose any street cred. we might already have. Smoke and mirrors. We’re way more normal than you might imagine.

Tell us about your next shows and why we should be there.

Now this I am happy to do. We’re really excited to start playing our new songs. We’ve worked hard on creating a really full sound that’s accurate to the new album. And we really enjoy the songs so we’re going to be amped on stage. Two exciting shows coming up, where we’ll be launching our new album are the the Willowbridge Barnyard in Cape Town on 16 June, and the Rockwood Theatre in Pretoria on 12 July, and Rivonia Barnyard on 28 July. We hope to see you there. There will be new merch, new songs, cool visuals and one or two surprise guests.

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