We talk to Pop Art ahead of their Grietfest 2016 performance.

You guys have blown up on the music scene. How on earth do you stay grounded and keep working so hard?

I’m anything but grounded we’re soaring high. It’s easy to work hard when you’re having fun. It’s even easier when you love what you do naaaa’mean?

We know that Martin was involved in other musical projects before Pop Art. How did Pop Art evolve and does your journey through acts like Strike in Berlin affect your music now?

I’m an indie-disco-kid at heart, give me Breakbot or Two Door Cinema Club or even Justice and I’m in freakin’ heaven. Strike In Berlin was a journey into my twenties and throwing back to the bands I loved in my late-teens like Hadouken! that would spit cider in your face at shows. Walking out the show sweaty and with filthy memories – that’s it.

Some people want to leave a legacy through their music. Why do you make music?

When I started making music is was all about getting free entrance into my favourite clubs and hanging out with the acts that inspired me. Also getting mad wasted with my mates obviously. But the older I get the more I realise I can’t get as drunk all the time. Now I do it for the love of what we do and our end game is to own the F**kin’ game.


Photo by: Mischa Durrant

What do you have planned for us during your Grietfest 2016 set?

Our set for Grietfest 2016 is going to pay homage to the French-touch – which happened to be where we started. Think Daft Punk, Justice and Porter Robinson. We’re trying something we’ve never done before strange arps with classical cycles and more intricate developments than in the past. We might lose a lot of fans with what we’re about to do but the ones we gain will stick with us for life. Promise.

What does 2016 have in store for you?

2016 is basically every festival we ever wanted to play. Lentedag, Boat Race Festival, Woodstock, Rocking The Daisies and we’re back at Umhlanga Rage. This is what we really want to be doing we want to be in these spaces where anything is possible

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