We talk to Roxphere, an ‘energetic indie pop/rock blend with a mix of R&B’ twin brother-duo from Pretoria. They have an international flavour and are ready to take on SA’s music scene. 

Tell us more about your new single, “Good Enough”. What inspired it and how did you create it together?

“Good Enough” comes from our personal experience and growth. It is the simplicity of being good enough in all forms. We sit together and create the flow’s, lyrics and find the direction the song is heading in. Then when the time comes we put it all together like puzzle pieces until the song fills and work together in motion.

You have a very interesting sound because it has so many influences. How did you develop this sound?

We try to combine and experiment with different sounds but also keep our original style within these creations. Taking influence from all sorts of genres, rhythms and artists. but knowing in which direction we’re moving. It’s best to be open minded towards a project or movement. You listen and let the song take you on your own journey.


How have your international travels influenced your musical journey?

Being able to meet new people, cultures and lifestyles from across the world, you get the feel of originality, and uniqueness within everyone. There are so many places and cultures in general, we mean to experience them all.

What is it like living out your dreams?

There is no end in the learning process, we are constantly learning and experiencing new things daily. Which gives us the pleasure of living out on stage as well as off stage. You create your own adventure and strive to be the best you can be in the present moment, where ever you are.

What is your ultimate musical success?

Our ultimate musical success would be to have created a platform of our music so followers and listeners could experience the journey as their own as well as work with other such inspirations in music. To inspire more artists to take the road less traveled by. Our personal music success thus far is letting our music be heard.

Photos by Kat Grudko

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