We get to know Scarlotte Will, a Pretora-based band with a lot of on-stage energy. They are performing at Cool Inc Tattoo Expo 2015.

You’ve been doing a really cool feature on the band members of Scarlotte Will. What inspired you to create the series and how did the band get together initially?

Hugene: A friend came up with the idea, we were actually testing out her “social media strategy” and then BAM! It looked like people actually really liked the idea. Tristan had some song ideas that he went to record at KvD Studios in Randfontein. Him and Xan have been playing together in another band, Blazin Gooch, so Xan helped out and stuck around. Hugene was a “new friend” while Tristan was still working in town and coincidentally a bassist. And, Brendon was actually approached to play keyboard but then he brought his guitar to practice and started melting faces everywhere.

Who would you like to work with in terms of band collaborations? Name one South African act and one international one.

Brendon: Locally I’d say 340ml and internationally I’d say Red Fang.
Xan: Well with collaborations it’s more a decision of which genre would make an interesting combination than it is about whom you like. So, locally, I’d say Electro Scarlotte with PHFat could be awesome. And internationally, I think a band like Pendulum, or maybe Snoop Dogg haha.

Do you have a favourite performance? Where was it and what happened?

Brendon: Oppikoppi. It has always been a dream of mine to play at my favourite music festival!
Hugene: For me I would have to say playing with AKING at !Arcade Empire. The vibes were so sick and the crowd was just too crazy. They made me pose for selfies mid-song. They weren’t the best pics but I don’t think I’ll forget that soon.
Xan: Our first gig at Railways Café when we opened for Tidal Waves. I think the excitement of what was to come was out of hand that day.

What can we expect from your upcoming Cool Inc Tattoo Expo 2015 performance?

We are constantly updating our set. We have a few new songs that will be played there. Furthermore you can expect some good Rock n Rill Riff Raffs, Brendon’s solo skills and wild swinging hair. We are a hairy band.

Do you have a favourite tattoo? Where was it done and why is it so special?

Brendon: No tattoo… yet… Maybe I’ll go home from the Cool Inc Tattoo Expo 2015 with more than an epic experience.
Hugene: I have a Scorpion Tattoo on my forearm. I got it when I was 16 as sort off as a “now or never” type of thing. It’s not really special but it resembles a time of change in my life and it also doubles as a pick-up line for girls. They will usually end up asking if I’m a Scorpio, and as soon as I tell them I’m an Aquarius they just turn around and leave…
Xan: Hugene has a scroff tattoo… I recently got a tattoo of a drum set merged into an Akasia tree. It was done at Chapman’s Emporium and it is special because it commemorates our first Oppikoppi gig which we have been dreaming about for years.

What do you do in your spare time, besides being awesome?

Brendon: I keep myself busy with other music projects and games on various consoles…
Hugene: If I’m not driving to Pretoria, I have a pretty mean Clash of Clans account!
Tristan: I’m a driver for little school kids and I teach them about life on the road, lessons I learned the hard way and the dangers of certain types of girls.
Xan: I study medicine at Tuks, finishing this year. That keeps me pretty busy.

Photo by Mike Olckers

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