We chatted to Fokofpolisiekar Brewery ahead of Stellenbosch Craft Brewing Festival 2017. Check out what they had to say.

Stellenbosch is generally world renowned for their Wines. How do you feel about being a craft beer in a wine loved area? 

We feel that there are similarities between wine production and craft beers for sure. Just like wine makers, brewers rely on taste and expert recipes to create a unique product that appeals to the senses. You can apply the process of wine tasting to beer in order to pick up the smells and the tastes that hides in the liquid. Thankfully we have a true expert, JC Steyn from Devils Peak, that crafted a beautifully easy drinking lager for us, because if we had to do the brewing ourselves we wouldn’t be able to take responsibility for it.

What is the most exciting part for you, as a brewery, about this festival?

It will be the first time that we take part in the Stellenbosch Beer Festival since last year we only started growing the brand and we were not ready. This year we are looking forward to present the new, 340ml Fokof Lager bottle alongside our drafts to the crowds in Stellies. Stellenbosch, as a university town, has always been very kind to Fokofpolisiekar the band and we hope to continue this relationship with our beer.

What’s different about your beer/ brewery that is going to make it stand out to the Stellies Crowd?

Fokof Lager is not a beer that blends into the crowds – not by name, not by nature and not by taste.

What can we expect from you for this event? Will you be doing something different to what you normally would?

We always try and be visually appealing and we will be a sight for sore eyes and an oasis for a dry throat.

Would you say legacy is a motivating factor for you? In other words, are you more than just a beer?

As a band Fokofpolisiekar has been together for almost 15 years, which is quite a legacy already and we hope to continue that legacy by playing for years to come but Fokof Lager has the potential to outlive even the members of the band – and hopefully it’s not having our own beer brand that sends us an early grave!

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