Brothers Grant VR and Craig Placid are not only bonded by blood, they’re bonded by a mutual love of all things techno. As an up and coming DJ duo they coined the phrase “the kids want techno” but now, with more than 12 years experience as a duo the two have matured into stalwarts of the South African techno scene and earned respect amongst South Africa’s more discerning music lovers and DJ’s alike.

We catch up with them ahead of their performance at Grietfest.

1) You guys are brothers, how would you say your relationship as such plays a role when you perform on stage? Would you say it is an advantage?

Being brothers hasn’t necessarily given us an advantage performance wise, a special bond or connection is needed for a duo to be able to perform well or better than others, no matter the relationship whether it family or friends. We would say the advantage of being brothers is the number of hours we have been able to spend together listening and playing music outside of gigs. That’s where the difference for us has come in.

2) You’ve been performing music for over 12 years, what’s been the hardest part of the journey and what’s been your biggest break?

Patience is always a tough one in a music career, especially when starting out. Thinking you ready and nobody is taking notice.
Every break we have had has been our biggest one, from our first night we were given to curate our own line ups outside of a house party or our bedroom, to getting our first club gig, to first big festival booking, to working towards selected festivals and bigger club gigs we really wanted to play at. To becoming residents of one of the most highly regarded house and techno nights in the country and there should be more to come. If your last break isn’t bigger than the one before you aren’t really moving forward as an artist.

3) You play a resident part of the TOYTOY club night vibe, has this shaped your performances in recent years?

It hasn’t necessarily shaped our performance, but defiantly has played a part in shaping our sound. Having a residency keeps you on your toes and constantly looking to innovate and keep your music and sets as fresh as possible.

4) You’ll be playing Grietfest soon, what can the crowd expect from you two gents?

Good music!

5) What does the future look like for Sound Sensible? Will you guys be touring more, or just playing more TOYTOY?

More TOYTOY and more gigs at selected venues and parties, we have a wide range of music collected over the years and as we get older we have really started enjoying showcasing the full spectrum of our collection.

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