I conducted a Super Interview with We Are Charlie, an upcoming Pretoria-based, three-piece band. This Super Interview comes in the form of an interview and acoustic performance recording. You can catch We Are Charlie at their upcoming gig at Park Acoustics on the 30th of November. Their singles Hey Friend and Tom And Jerry have both been playlisted by Tuks FM.

DYD: So first off, tell us a bit about yourselves.
Dylan: Well I’m Dylan, and I’m the little guy. I play guitar and I sing in the band. I write in the band. Love telling stories. Talk a lot of shit. First time I’ve ever worn shorts.
Wes: I’m Wes and I play the drums.
Rowan: I play bass for We Are Charlie. I also recently started dancing. I don’t know if bass is really such a talented instrument so I’ll just start dancing. It’s really fun.

DYD: You released your single Tom and Jerry recently. Has it had a good response?
Dylan: Yeah, we’re quite happy with that one. It got onto the radio quite quick after being released which was quite nice for us.
Wes: It was quite surprising
Dylan: We were trying to see if it would compete with Hey Friend and it feels like it will, so we’re happy with that one.

DYD: When did We Are Charlie start as a band?
Dylan: We’ve been together as a band since February.
Wes: Dylan and I went to high school together and in Grade 8 we started jamming together and we played music together our whole high school career. We met Rowan at the end of our high school career and we started a metal band. After that we decided to start a new band and record some songs at the end of last year and then February we officially started the band.

DYD: You released your first EP and you’re now busy with your second one Yard Sale. How’s recording going? Are you done?
Dylan: Yeah, we’re done now. We already published Hey Friend, Tom and Jerry and Summer House as singles but we’re looking at releasing the full EP by the end of November. Recording was great though! It was probably our favourite time in the studio this time around. We’re a little more experienced now when it comes to that.
Wes: And our producer – or the guy that produces – our sound engineer, is really cool.
Rowan: He’s a great guy.

DYD: Bands like Desmond & the Tutus have recently been bringing out EPs or small collections of songs and skipping doing the whole release an album thing. What are your thoughts on how you want to release your music?
Dylan: Well, basically, people are doing EPs nowadays because no one wants to sift through albums if you know what I mean? If you don’t have a big fan base, it’s a waste of money to record 12 songs if you’re not going to have enough people listening and putting time into finding the songs they like. We’ve already started writing an album now and hopefully by the beginning of next year it’ll be worth it and then we’d probably start recording.
Wes: It’s [EPs] definitely the quickest way to get our music out there. Now we just have to record 5 songs instead of 12.
Dylan: Yeah, this is our second EP this year. We have 11 recorded songs which is still kind of like an album in a year. We’re just doing it at different times.
Rowan: And it’s much quicker to release it as well. And it’s hip.

DYD: Your music is awesome and upbeat and dancy. When you started the band, what made you decide to go in that direction?
Wes: I think to be honest, that’s just who we are. I mean we are an indie band and that’s the sound we go for but the music and the vibe be give off is just-
Rowan: -Us. Even in our previous band we just played music because we loved it and it was also pretty upbeat.
Dylan: We wanna do a fun thing even if it’s not gonna be big. We wanna do fast and upbeat. We want people to dance. We want them to smile. And we’re very silly, so I guess it helps. You can’t really do slow, serious songs and then in between songs tell the same shitty jokes that we do now.

DYD: Any cool gigs coming up?
Dylan: We’ve got the end of year Park Acoustics that we’re going to be playing at.

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