We got to talking with two very talented individuals whom we now get to add to our Super Interview series. Strangely enough the vocalist, Jess, didn’t have that much to say.

DYD: Strike In Berlin, why Strike In Berlin?
Martin: When we first started making music together we wrote a song about a lesbian love affair in Berlin during the Cold War. We thought the song was exactly what we wanted our music to sound like in the future, so we decided to name the band after the song, Strike In Berlin. The song is on our first EP and sounds nothing like what we sound like now but the name stuck. Berlin is the capital of Electronic music which is why we love the place, though neither of us have ever been there. It’s like a beacon of hope for side-lined bass music.
Jess: Strike in Berlin was actually the name of one of our first songs, when we were looking for a new name we decided that we really liked Strike In Berlin, so we stuck with it.

DYD: Here is a scenario: You’re out with your mates at a party/bar and have had a couple of beers, “all of the tables, have been flipped on their tops due to your drunken state”. What is a typical activity that would constitute in you dropping your drink?
Martin: I can answer that with three different scenarios; trying to twerk upside down whilst balancing two drinks on my feet, leaving my drink on a speaker that’s blaring bass or dropping my drink out of shock that a band I’ve gone out to see isn’t playing.
Jess: Probably showing off my insane twerking skills. Turn down for what?

DYD:  Were there any other names you were considering when you first formed?
We were called The Bugg when we first started. I think it’s because we thought that we could infect the JHB scene with our music. We soon realized that the name sounded like too much of a ‘new band’ name, so we carried on exploring the realm of creativity for a better fitting stage name.
Jess: The Bugg and then we grew up. Lol.

DYD:  If you could play at any major festival in the world, which would it be and why?
Martin: I’m really not a fan of huge stages, especially for an indie band. Intimate crowds always receive new music better, so I’d have to say a festival like Hideout Festival in Croatia. It consists of exclusively big bass and electro for a few days on the beach filled with dance caves and head-liners like Skream and Benga. What more could you ask for? But F**k knows how we’ll ever get to Croatia!
Jess: Coachella. Because Coachella.

DYD:  How would you describe your music if you had to describe it to a hermit from Warfhuizen in the Netherlands? 
Martin: You can’t describe it. Every song is completely different from the other but if I had to try it would be; melodic, up-tempo, indie-disco, afro-infused, hyperactive electronic gut-bucket-funk. We don’t subscribe to any particular genre per say, but the melodies in all the music fuses it together into an easy to listen to but danceable jam.
Jess: Indie electro, toe-tapping, booty-bouncing, smile music. Get involved.

DYD: From your gigs, have you had any memorable groupies?
Martin: Yeah, at our first gig we played was a battle of the bands at some high school and there was a kid there who couldn’t have been older than 7 years old. He come up to us after the show and asked to be in the band. Safe to say we turned him down. But it was cool to see this bright-eyed kid brown nosing us. Sadly, we didn’t win that battle of bands.
Jess: I had a young, very drunk lady tell me she’d “go there” with me. I’ll take what I can get hey. I love bad bitches.

DYD: Which bands influence your sound?
Martin: First and foremost, Metronomy. They really shaped our sound with the Nights Out album. Two Door Cinema Club also had their influence on us with the Tourist History album which had the perfect song writer essence to it. Indie-rock had quite the influence on me throughout the time I spent in England so bands like; The Courteeners, Dirty Goods, The Strokes, The Hives, Bloc Party and more recently The Mercy Project took their tolls on me. Bass music has always been a big contributor to our music like; Haezer, Sub Focus, Paris XY and Trentmoller. All-in-all, South Africa has been the biggest influence on me, having great bands like; Gateway Drugs, Beach Party, Fuzigish and Al Bairre give us such a wide variety which aids us in broadening our sound.
Jess: Metronomy, Goodluck, Rudimental, Lykke Li, Gorillaz and Little Dragon.

DYD: Lastly, what are your takes on bacon?
Martin: Bacon all the time, anytime, in my face. For breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. Bacon always!
Jess: Get in and around my facial region.

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