We got to know a new band on the scene. They are from Cape Town and are called TheCITY. TheCITY released a debut self-titled EP on the 24th of April. They have also released their first single entitled Nguwe – which means ‘You‘ in Zulu. The band consists of Bonj Mpanza (Vocals), Clement Carr (Keys/Synth), Ryan McArthur (Bass) and Ruby Crowie (Drums).

DYD: We’re excited to hear about new acts on the scene. Tell us how you got together?
Clem (TheCITY): Ryan and I have been playing in bands together for about 12 years and we all share a love for jazz and studied at UCT’s South African College of Music.

DYD: What made you focus on a Future Afro sound? Was it the culmination of your interests?
Clem (TheCITY): We do have a variety of musical interests between us yes but we coined the phrase Future Afro to describe our sound a few years back as a reimagining of what African life could be with positive social and economic changes in the future- An inclusive, progressive, innovative society and we hope this comes across in our music.

DYD: You’re all university level musicians. We meet a lot of musicians that didn’t have formal training. Would you say that your tertiary education has benefited you as TheCITY?
Clem (TheCITY): Music is the expression of the soul and no amount of education can make you find the place that expresses honest emotion. That being said tertiary education in music definitely helps improve your musical vocabulary and helps convey your ideas more eloquently. So it isn’t a necessity to study music to make honest music but we all found it very helpful.

DYD: We love Nguwe’s sound. How did it come about?
Clem (TheCITY): Thank you. It is actually based around a baseline Ryan wrote which inspired the rest of the song. Our aim was to fuse different genre feels seamlessly into a song without it feeling disjointed and forced, we feel we’ve done so. Thanks for chatting with us!

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