Thomas Krane has been on the music scene for a while but has recently released a new album, Bone Tower, which is making people fall in love. The album was written over the course of the last 5 years, produced by Dirk Hugo and recorded in the last 9 months.

You’ve kind of burst onto the scene in a bright flash. How would you describe your music? What does it sound like?

It sounds like guitars of the loud and the soft variety, there are drums all over the place, and there is a voice that sings stories in a frequency range that is hard to ignore.

Your band members are constantly changing. How do you manage to continuously sell your musical vision to the new members when they come? Is it difficult to work this way?

I don’t try to sell anything to be honest. Each person I work with brings something new and I’m more than happy to let that flesh out the musical skeleton I provide. The real key is to be working with people I trust to make it better…

You’re a self-taught musician. Do you prefer the journey you’ve taken instead of perhaps going through formal musical training?

I must be honest, I think for the numbers of hours I’ve spent playing instruments and singing, I should really be a far more competent musician than I am. Trial and error has made it slow process. The upside is that I’ve avoided the cookie cutter style I thinks it’s quite easy to fall into through the formal training process.

Who have been your biggest influencing musicians?

The LPs my folks had at home have always been a major influence – I still listen to Leonard Cohen, Jim Croce, Paul Simon all the time. Discovering the Pixies blew my little mind when I was in high school, them along with the White Stripes. Modest Mouse have been a big influence. I enjoy songwriting that doesn’t follow the rules but manages to keep a pop sensibility. And I enjoy interesting voices.

Bone Tower has been in development for years! Why did it take so long and did you find that your musical style evolved along with the album?

It’s been a busy half decade in all aspects of life! Music has to be side thing for me. It’s a consuming passion, but I have a lot of those – so it’s something I have to steal time away from evenings and weekends for.

What is your ultimate musical dream?

I have a lifelong plan involving casually releasing an album every 5 years in relative obscurity, and then have a my back catalogue ‘discovered’ when I’m 50 or 60, and spend the my retirement touring the world.

Photo by Allister Christie

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