We talk to Thor Rixon ahead of Grietfest 2016.

You have such an original aesthetic and we’re so glad that people are catching onto it now. How did you manage to “keep your art” when people didn’t recognise what you were trying to do?

Well I’m still not sure people understand what it is I do and I think that’s mainly because most of the time I’m not sure what it is I do. I’m always tying to incorporate new ideas into the creations that I make. I find this usually makes each project I work on very different from the last. I’m not sure if it’s a phase that I’m going through or if it’s a matter of maturity or age or something. I suppose we’ll only find out in time.

Your music seems to have the “it” factor. It’s polished, professional and full. It is something that makes you stand out, as you create on the same level as international artists. Can you reflect on this? What do you think it is that you have that separates you from your local contemporaries?

I wouldn’t say my productions are polished, as I always feel my work leaves a lot to be desired but I do try my best to come out with the best sounding product. Thank you so much for saying that my work is professional though. That’s nice. The only thing I would say that differs between me and my fellow contemporaries is that I don’t really strive to sound like anyone or anything, where as I find some artists try to sound like their idols. It’s not bad to draw inspiration from artists but to copy a sound or a genre so strictly is not really pushing art and creation into a new territory. That being said, I feel like SA has so many artists creating truly original and fresh work, but they slip under the radar because the audiences just want to hear familiar sounds or artists. The audiences are actually the ones who need to put in the work in this regard. The audience must broaden their scope and open their ears and eyes to new things.


We’ve been following your adventures through Europe on your SnapChat (thorrixon). Does travelling affect your music?

Traveling I have found has become my biggest source of inspiration. The places I have been so lucky to visit have each contained an energy of some kind that is so full of inspiration and excitement for creation. I’m currently in Berlin and this place is like cocaine for the creative juices. So many artists from all over the world showcasing their work and collaborating. It’s a truly magical place. I feel many places in the world should draw inspiration from Berlin in regard to the arts and the support of art.

What do you have planned for us during your Grietfest 2016 set?

I plan to perform a fully live and improvised set with all new material I have been working on for the past few months. I also just want everyone to have the biggest celebration of their lives and I hope I can be a part of that in some way through music and entertainment.

What does 2016 have in store for you?

I have no idea but I hope that what ever it is, it is good.

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