Listen to TIMO ODV‘s latest EP, Origins, here.

You’re incredibly successful within the South African music industry. How do you stay grounded enough to carry on working on new music?

For me it’s not about egos or anything other than music. I started this because I loved making music and nothing has changed. I’m still the exact same person.

Some people choose to create music to leave a legacy. What drives you to create music?

Just for the love of making cool sounds that people love dancing to, time to work even harder and start working towards a legacy I rate.

You’re completely self-taught in music production and extremely talented too. How do you think this has affected your motivation to work and people’s impressions of you?

I’m not sure, I think any amount of time spent in isolation helps you discover yourself more, and the more you discover about yourself the less you care about impressions from people. From the work ethic side, doing everything yourself has way more pressure and requires more hard-work because you’re doing 4 peoples’ jobs all by yourself.

Photo by: Canton Parker

Photo by: Canton Parker

Tell us more about your new EP, “Origins”. What was the production process like? 

I just said to myself, I’m going to do what I love, I’m going to make whatever comes out and not let whatever level of popularity I gained affect how I make music because I started this doing what I love so I must continue doing it because I love it.

Which songs stands out for you on “Origins” and why?

I think they all do, there are 5 new songs on the EP and they all have a piece of me in them.

You’ve already been able to achieve so much. What is your ultimate musical success?

UK Top 40 and Billboard Top 100 is the dream.

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