We catch up with Craig from Desmond and the Tutus ahead of their performance at this month’s Park Acoustics.
Where do you learn your epic dance moves?

It’s a combination of the internet and 11 years of figuring it out as we go along on stage!

What’s it like performing without Dinny and will he be back for your next gigs?

We miss Nic’s jokes the most! He is out there in Jersey doing his thing and playing shows so he wont be joining shows with the Tutus.

Photo by: Hanro Havenga

Pretoria Girls is every bachelor (in Pretoria’s) mantra/ anthem. How do you think the ladies (in Pretoria) feel about the song?

I would hope that they take it as a big compliment. It’s not a pick-up line, we really do mean it.

When you perform, is it still a surreal experience that you get to be up in front of thousands of people. Or does the effect wear off sometimes?

It’s pretty amazing to be performing our songs to people all these years after forming the Tutus. It definitely doesn’t wear off to have people sing along to songs that we wrote.

Top or Bottom half fish?

Top. Obvs.

Be honest, is Pretoria still that much of a beacon of light to you gents, or is there somewhere else you’d rather be?

Pretoria feels like a big little town. We’ve always enjoyed amazing support for the Tutus in Pretoria and the crowds there are some of the best in the country.

Photo by: Hanro Havenga

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