Citizens of Earth! Be prepared for an invasion of galactic proportions! The Transformers are landing this March!

For the first time ever on the African continent, Transformers Animatronics: The Exhibition will touch down to wow and excite fans of the globally popular movie, tv series, comic book and toy-line franchise.

Meet Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron, Star scream and many other bots in the fleshh, or rather metal. The exhibition will be massive and impressive in size, featuring animatronic Transformers, sculptures scaled between 2m and 11m, and another statues varying in size – all made from re-used car parts, metal and other repurposed materials.

The exhibition’s scale is itself worthy of the Transformers themselves. A minimum of 2,500sqm of floor space is needed over a 20-day build-up to bring the sculptures and statues to life, displayed against the scenery of the legendary planet, Cybertron, all brought to life through eye-popping performance technology.

The Our Friends Team sat down with organiser Nick, from Expo RSA. Find the interview on SoundCloud below.

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