Urban Village have been around for three years or so, we managed to get in touch with them ahead of their performance at this year’s Mieliepop!

Tell us more about you. How have you landed up being on the Mieliepop line-up for 2017? In other words, what has your musical journey been like up until this point?

The musical journey has been a great one. It is very rare to hold instruments and compose music for the masses to almost instantaneously gather and run with the sound as though they have long awaited to hear it. It makes the journey worthwhile and satisfactory.

You guys come from a variety of different backgrounds, how have your travels influenced your music?

Our backgrounds are different but are demarcations are similar. We are influenced by great musicians around the world but we are predominantly grounded in the SA way of articulating music. Through travelling we get to learn from other cultures and their diversity in tradition and way of life.

Photo supplied by artist

We feel that a personal motivating factor, albeit a superficial one, is that we want to create music to leave a legacy. To be able to materialize something in this life that lastingly affects people. Would you say legacy is a motivating factor for you?

Legacy is important to us. It is the very reason we are ensembled. It is the legacy that continues to drive us for we are not just doing this generation alone but we are also for future generations for them to understand the times and era. We are like journalists/authors/archivists doing this through music.

What kind of set can we expect from you at Mieliepop?

The set will be a happy set. We want to be informative and exciting for Mieliepop itself is a happy festival.

Complete the sentence. Africa is… a globe of wealth. Africa is a treasure.

Photo supplied by artist

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