We’re welcoming Life Magic to the naasMUSIC family. His music is a creative mix, drawing elements from hip-hop and electronica. 

Life Magic is a Cape Town based producer. He’s one of the young and talented ones and we’re excited to hear that he’s part of the naasMUSIC family. He has released a two-track EP as part of his naasMUSIC welcome. We hope that you enjoy Highway Dawn and Pool Fun from the EP and you can check them out below.

Life Magic is a bit of an enigma so all the info he has offered is this: “Life Magic is a young Cape Town producer. His music is an attempted genesis of jarring elements: as much futuristic as it is nostalgic, as much inspired by Timbaland as Peter Gabriel. Life Magic is the result of growing up online and being exposed to these radically different influences on equal terms and in new contexts.”

If you want more Life Magic information:

– Follow Life Magic on Twitter
– Check out the Life Magic Soundcloud page

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