Kyle got to interview MiNNAAR ahead of their first music video release for, ‘Shadow of the Earth‘. Check out our interview and the video below. 

DYD: What is the connection between the song and video for Shadow of the Earth?
Louis (MiNNAAR): The video aims at creating a very direct and distinctive link between the textures that you hear and the textures that you see. I tried to make all the animated elements I added as musical as possible – be it with the way they scatter, the rhythmic patterns they make or the intensity at which they appear.

DYD: The video seems to have a relationship between the organic and and mechanical, namely that of the prescient silhouette of Magdalene and the repeating computerized geometric patterns. Is this relationship a conscious artistic choice for MiNNAAR’s art?
Louis (MiNNAAR): Not really. It is very much an interpretation for this video specifically. On the other hand our music is quite mechanical and digital which of course contrasts Magdalene’s voice quite noticeably

DYD: Tell us about the process of creating the video.
Louis (MiNNAAR): I shot the video in my living room with a green screen and a couple of lights. I then spent most of the time in studio animating the elements along with the music and comping it in along with the live action footage. A rather complicated process, but one which I really enjoy. In total the video took about 3/4 days to make.

DYD: How were each of your unique visions utilized to create this video?
Louis (MiNNAAR): Our collaboration in creating video lies very much in me interpreting what Magdalene has done in terms of lyrics and delivery. The mood that she has set with her vocal delivery along with the music I wrote in the background became our first brainstorming session for the creation of the video in a way.

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