We were a bit skeptical of a producer by the name of Himi Jendrix from Santiago in the Dominican Republic. To be honest his name made us a little wary of listening to his latest offering, his debut EP, Make It Right. However, we’ve found that the best things often come with weird contents and we’re glad that we gave his EP a chance. We’re trying to come up with ways to describe Himi Jendrix’s EP and the best we can come up with is that he almost channels a deep house version of Work Drugs.

This EP swings between groovy beat-filled deep house tracks and ambient downtempo musings. It makes us think of summer, beaches, sunsets, friends and parties. Our favourite tracks on this Ep are With You, which plays softly on our ears with its guitar-strung melody and Vibin’, which takes us floating through a deep bass-line. Himi Jendrix is extremely talented and we can’t wait to hear more from him.

Track List
1. Make It Right
2. I Want You
3. With You
4. Vibin’
5. Fly

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