Some things end up in my inbox, from corners of the world where I didn’t know even had readers, and these emails bring with them bands pushing songs which send my ears on some really unusual eclectic trip. Such is the case with A Cat, a self-proclaimed digi-rock-techno-dream-afrodisco band out of Tel-Aviv, Israel.

I have always been fascinated with Israeli arts scene, as it is a place that is in the minds of most, one of deep orthadoxism and a steadfast adhering to its centuries old roots, yet out of this place arrives one of the most daring and unconventional creative outputs in the world of art, fashion and music. It is a place where a city a millennia old bleeds modernity. A glaring example of this is Disconnect. Featuring clean guitars played is a sometimes surf guitar fashion, a four-to-the-floor electronic beat, noise rock soundscapes and a Jim Morrison-esque vocal delivery. Flowing between electro indie oddity, to random bumps of minimal techno influence and then mingling into some sort of electronic twisting of The Strokes, A Cat showcases a dysfunctional collage of influences which arrive together with a kaleidoscopic punch which I have to say the weave together with a splendidly unique take all to their own. Equal parts jarring and danceable, Disconnect feels like a disco pumped full of laughing gas, a wash of blurry figures gliding around a disco ball under the ethereal glow of neon light. A summary; this is music that will make you smile while you shiver. Enjoy.

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