Fyfe, Paul Dixon, is a 24 year old London-based musician with a penchant for making beautiful music. We like his story, not because we’re age mates, but because he followed his dreams. He dropped out of a university degree studying Economics to make music. We’re sure that the journey hasn’t been the smoothest but we think that’s his latest track, Holding On, proves that the effort was worth it.

Holding On will be out on his self-produced debut album early next year and it’s something that we’re looking forward to. The song is essentially a mix of electronica, hip-hop and Paul’s haunting vocals. He somehow manages to produce something that sounds like Death Cab For Cutie levelled up in swag. We appreciate the depths that Paul travelled to in creating Holding On.

‘Holding On’ captures a relationship pushed to its limits; that universally heart-pang moment of reaching someone’s voicemail, the paranoia you choose to overcome and this wish to bridge a physical and emotional distance (“Please believe me / We’re far away from where we started from / We’re not holding on for nothing”).

We can’t wait to check out Paul’s upcoming work.

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