You know I don’t even like drum and bass, I can feel my brain cells popping as one amen break bleeds into another, where only  a thin change of the garbled robot bass growling gives my ears much craved variation. It’s for this very fact that I actually like what local muso Matt Fainman (Kai Soldout) has gestated with this track. It’s not quite liquid, not quite ambient and not quite typical. This track flows through the energetic opening, adorned with vocal chops, electro bass line and deep pads that tread territory both light and dark. It then breaks into a chilled wave of ambient chords and suddenly free falls into an aggressive drop flourished with a soup of distorted morphing growls (they are never far off.)

Once the anger has subsided you are treated with another chilled breakdown, laden with ambiance, which is jarringly interrupted with a sort of hybrid sound, part growls-from-before and part trap, 808 and bass, and although this section is a little disjointed and anaemic compared to the fullness of its preceding parts, it’s still a welcome surprise within a genre I think needs a dose of flair. It’s this track’s striation from genre norms that makes me like it, something that will set it apart between sets of the same old endless frantic groove, and it’s something that I hope this artist continues to explore and evolve into even more warped variations of drum & bass. If you are looking for a little something something with a twist, jump on in.

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