South Africa, despite being in Africa, gets super cold in winter. For us sun-worshiping people that we are, we look upon the infinite spotless bleak blue sky, feel the harsh sun slicing into our skin as we trample withered leaves underfoot and beckon summer to grace us with the smell of first rains and gleeful vibes even for just a moment. I’m going to do you a solid, dear reader, and give you a five minute shot of summer straight in your ear-holes.

Belanger has taken Tinashe’s somewhat disjointed pop-hop song, 2 On, and turned it into a playful pop-house track full of life and engraved with that special something that makes you close your eyes, smile and just nod along to every stroke of Belanger’s paintbrush.  You can’t help but get lost in that deep chillwave-come deep-house bassline only to be taken up on the stream of impatient pulsating percussion. In tandem they create a vibe which injects itself into your veins and gets all your bits moving without your consent. I love the bubbly sax riff that darts up prominently in the tracks latter half after a great breakdown full of vintage drum machine fills that just excites the Nine inch Nails lover within me. As with Belanger’s last outing, this track is just fun, something that I can’t wait to marry with a summer party, when eventually she comes back to grace her with her presence.

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