For the 3rd annual BLOOD BROTHERS, South Africa’s first rock supergroup features 6 brand new members to take up arms against their biggest struggle yet. In their quest for victory, they will be performing your favourite hits, as well as songs by their own heroes. The choices are bold, the talent undeniable, the result – unforgettable.

We got to chat to new comer Garth Barnes (Crash Car Burn, Tweak) ahead of his performance with the super group.

From Tweak to Crash Car Burn, what has been the highlight of your musical career?

Yoh, we get asked that ‘what’s the highlight of your career’ question all the time and it’s so difficult to answer. We’ve been lucky enough to travel South Africa and the world, open up for some of our favourite international acts, play accompanied by a 30 piece orchestra and make music with my brother and my best friends!! That said…if I had to choose just one career highlight? Probably the time we met Katy Perry in her Pyjamas whilst crossing the canadian border on the Vans Warped tour:)

Can you remember anything that was particularly funny? Or even an awkward situation that you found yourself in as a lead singer to two very popular bands.

It was quite awkward meeting Katy Perry in her Pyjamas whilst crossing the Canadian border on the Vans Warped tour. We were all trying to play it cool but my biggest regret in life so far is not having asked her for a selfie because nobody believes us.

Photo by Andre Badenhorst.

Are you still lecturing at UJ? If so, what’s it been like knowing you’re impacting not just the emotional side of youths (with your music) but the intellectual side?

Wow, I never actually thought of it that way, thank you for giving new perspective to my life! Lol. Yep, doing my best to give a little back and I have to say, I really do enjoy it and UJ is a great place to work.

It’s your first time playing for/ with Blood Brothers, what are you most looking forward to?

Aside from the fact that I am getting to share the stage with rock n roll royalty, what really excites me is that I don’t have to play the guitar! There will be far more competent musicians on that job so I can just focus on my singing and doing backflips in the choruses.

What would you say are the must-have items for anyone interested in producing high-quality music? And what would you say are the bare necessities for those who are budget conscious.

Over the years we’ve learned that it’s all about the song. As long as the song is strong, people don’t mind a shitty recording. Of course a good recording helps, but if the song is good enough, you can almost track it live on whatsapp and people will still buy it. When I look back at some of my favourite songs of all time i’m like ‘dang, how did a recording like this ever get on radio’? On top of that, there are loads of Kids with laptops out there who can record a track for you for a few hundred bucks.

Where do you go from here? More lecturing, more independant music, or more Crash Car Burn?

All of the above! Hahaha! We’re releasing a new CCB album early next year, it’s all done and recorded and busy being mixed as I type. Then Tweak has a new single coming out in October and a nationwide tour…so we’re gonna be busy busy busy. Exciting times!

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