Yetu is doing a feature on TheGeorge. TheGeorge is a four-piece indie acoustic pop band from Pretoria. These guys have recently released a music video for their song, “Sometimes”, and were featured on Tuks FM. They make beautiful music. 

From the left: Zandi Uys, Niel Markgraaff, PJ Maas and Duard Musk
Courtesy of ImTheCarpenter

I met PJ, the lead singer of TheGeorge, with Ash at the front barriers for the Two Door Cinema Club concert held in Johannesburg earlier on this year. Now for anyone who knows, if you’re at the front you’re dedicated to the cause and will not move at all. I remember PJ as a total gentleman because he let us partially stand in front of him. It might have something to do with his amazing height but it was a kind gesture and when he said we should check out his band I gladly agreed. I still have yet to see them live, somehow I’m always out of the city when they’re performing, however, I will make it to a gig and I think I’ll be very happy.

They were recently invited to Tuks FM for a live interview on L’acoustique. I guess this is a step forward for them on their path to great things. One thing that shocks me about the group is that all of them are still in high school, Die Hoerskool Menlopark. You don’t get a sense of how young their are because they’re so very capable of producing great music and are all talented. The band is composed of PJ Maas (vocals and guitar), Zandi Uys (vocals and percussion), Niel Markgraaf (guitar and percussion) and Duard Musk (bass). They are all 17 with the exception of Duard who is actually 16. Listen to Sometimes below, also available as a free download, and you can scroll down for the music video.

TheGeorge’s story
We started playing together in February 2012 after we all went together to an Idols audition (Niel, Zandi and PJ) and as result of not making it through the auditions, we decided to use our eager energy and be productive instead of sulking. We started a band with our 2 guitarists and our lead singer – Zandi. Eventually we figured we needed a bigger kick in our music so we asked Cobus Erasmus (our old bassist) to play bass for us. Practise went well and we played two gigs before Cobus left due to personal reasons. We then asked Duard to play for us and since then we’ve recorded a song and started playing regularly. We are now well on our way to keep writing and adding to our bio.

Dreams and plans for the band
We dream of making music that people can associate with or use as a way to express their feelings. Our music is about making an emotional connection which few songs do these days. On a more practical front we dream of moving to Cape Town to further explore the indie scene there. We hope to make meaningful connections with people within the music industry so that TheGeorge can become our only occupation. We also dream of touring another country when we have the experience and funds.

Music taste and influences
Our music taste and influences differ from member to member. Influences range from Bob Marley and King Charles, to John Mayer and Kings of Leon, to The Black Keys and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, to Sleeping With Sirens and Heart in Hand. The sound of our band is mostly influenced by Bob Marley, Andy Hull and Kings of Leon. Most of the song writing comes from the two guitarists and between the two of them they create the uncanny combination of Blues, Reggae, and Indie-Acoustic vibes.

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