PHFAT and Mac Motel dropped a super cool music video for their nostalgic love jam called ‘Keep You Safe’ and so far the response has been amazing.

We chat to Smooth Mike to find out about ‘Stranger Things’.

You and Mac Motel just dropped a super cool music video for your nostalgic love jam called ‘Keep You Safe’ yesterday and so far the response has been amazing. How do you feel about the new content you have been creating?

I dig it. I’m hitting a much broader palette of sounds which ultimately gives me access to a broader spectrum of emotions. It sounds a bit cheesy but I’ve been tryna live my most me-ist me and that includes a whole bunch of stuff that gets left out if you’re only making very dark music. I also sometimes wake up in the morning and think “What a fucking fantastic day!?!” Don’t think for one second I’ve gone soft forever though…

We feel that a personal motivating factor, albeit a superficial one, is that we want to create music to leave a legacy. To be able to materialize something in this life that lastingly affects people. Would you say legacy is a motivating factor for you?

Legacy is so uncontrollable. By definition you aren’t really there to help direct it. At the moment for me it’s all about doing the fuck out of whatever it is that I’m doing. Like if I’m gonna make a pop song I want it to be the poppiest damn pop song ever to pop outta some speakers. If i’m gonna be making something dark and scary I want people covering their eyes and sweating in their seats while they listen. I think you can only really develop a legacy in hindsight and I hope that the way a good legacy is achieved is by living so honestly it hurts, warts and all. People forget how special and important a person’s sharp edges are. Wearing them shamelessly can be quite unsettling to some people but it can also help other people realize that as different as we all are, quite often we’re fighting similar battles in our heads.

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What would you say to Freud if you ever met him?

“Sup Siegy? How’s your mother?”

Nah I dunno. I would probably just like most if I could kick it with him for a day on a more conversational tip. His stronger stances are all well documented in his books, watching someone that polarizing in real life I think would be far more telling than asking him questions about stuff he explicitly put out. He had that quote “If his lips are silent, he chatters with his fingertips”.

Would you ever consider performing at an old age home?

I mean… I’m pondering the thought right now. I’d be more interested in hanging out and chatting to people in their old age. But like lucidly. I’ve been slowly discovering that old people are mad different around their family than they are around strangers. So yeah I’d hang out and perform at an old age home if it meant that I got to hang out with some cool old people afterwards for some candid conversation.

Where did the people go who dived into the pool in your music video? Were you inspired by stranger things?

Funnily enough, It wasn’t actually inspired by stranger things at all, but I imagine Stranger Things would have been inspired by similar things to what I was inspired by.

If you wanna’ find out where they went then you have to jump in with them.

Other than music-related stuff, what do you want to get out of 2017?

It’s totally music related but I want to get in a really fuckoff big festival show that I’ve been working on. Kinda like what I did at Oppikoppi 2014/2015 but with a couple extra years experience. Like a fucking Theatrical super show that leaves people stunned at the end.

And some more releases as well.

I also wanna get so fit I can run up Table Mountain from the bottom every second day and still write raps all day and play raps shows all night. Being fit is sort of like having super powers when you compare it to being not fit. Plus when you run up there it’s quiet and absolutely no one bugs you. Not that I get bugged a lot but even your phone doesn’t work. So you can’t even bug yourself.

I also wanna’ go overseas at least once. Even if it’s not for music. But I’d prefer it if I could get some music in.

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