This is our first DYD Super Interview for 2014 and the honour goes to Hawkword. The theme for this Super Interview is Hawkword (Awkward) Band Photos with the duo, Zain Ebrahim and Jwan Levin. You better prepare yourself because the photos taken for this interview are going to make you cringe.

DYD: This name, your awkward name, how did you create it?
Zain (Hawkword): We’re awkward, and we had bird sounds in our first song. Our mate Nev [Truant] actually sort of came up with it, or at least the spelling of it, I think.

DYD: How did Hawkword come about and what was your initial reaction when you learned that you were never going to quite make trap music like you initially thought?
Zain (Hawkword): We sat down to make trap, made what was initially Pet Shop and is now called Hawk Swoops Again and people were digging it so we made more music and people were digging that too. So we stuck with it and gave it a name.

We weren’t particularly bothered. We like making the music we make. Nothing’s actually stopping us from making trap. We just prefer what we make, just because.

DYD: How does the production process work with the two of you? And where do you get inspiration for your songs?
Zain (Hawkword): I’m the boss. He just tells me what to do. We’ll talk about what we want to make, maybe reference part of a song we like or think of a specific genre starting point. Sometimes we just gun it.

Inspiration = old school shit. Just.

DYD: You guys are producing music that does not fit the mainstream mould. How do you stay true to the style that you have created and not get sucked into the hip and now scene?
Zain (Hawkword): We do what we want. I wouldn’t say we have forged any style specifically though. We kind of bounce around, making what’s chilled, season thematically based music… SUMMMMMAAA.

DYD: Where do you see Hawkword going in the next year? And what would your ultimate musical success be (go wild here)?
Zain (Hawkword): We try not to think too far ahead. We’re more worried about running out of smokes and food at the moment. Hopefully playing festivals; perhaps playing with BBNG (Badbadnotgood) at Glastonbury and pouring fucking expensive champagne on ourselves in front of the French with our middle fingers up.

DYD: What are you listening to at the moment?
Zain (Hawkword): Harry Potter and Hans Zimmer’s film scores.
Jwan (Hawkword): Seed and quite a bit of Dub (actual dub not dubstep).

DYD: What would be your ideal setting for a concert?
Zain (Hawkword): In an intimate theatre, with sick visuals like Amon Tobin.

DYD: Lastly, what’s your take on bacon?
Zain (Hawkword): Bacon on bacon on bacon, on stacks.

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