I usually have this thing I do when I listen to music where I scrutinise it and find a variety of angles and faults. With the Glitch Mob, I can’t do this. Their music is as close to sonic perfection as possible. It’s an endless well of supposedly non-collaborative genres woven flawlessly together with the most A-game of production skills. Now after what seems a eternity, they are back and previewing their new album in this mini-mix title after the album itself – Love, Death, Immortality.

The display of genre influences is, as usual, proper mind-bending, with the likes of bigroom synths, rock drums, funk melodies, dubstep soundscapes and arcade-infused percussion all mingling without a qualm. From what’s on display it seems this album is more grittier and rawer than their last, with much of the ethereal quality being replaced with Daft Punk-esque analogue replacements.

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