Kabaal (klankbaan) is a solo folk-rock act from Pretoria by Floris Groenewald. We’re lucky enough to be getting his latest song, This town is for lovers, as a free download for Christmas. We love the song and you should too.

Floris Groenewald explains the meaning behind This town is for lovers: “This town is for lovers is a dystopian song about the search for freedom and escape from whatever entraps us – whether it be love, authority, class, or geographical limits.”

This town is for lovers drew some influence from folk music, dystopian fiction and musicians/bands like The Cure, Muse, Admiral Freebee, No Dancing!, Tom Waits and Violent Femmes.

Download the song from Kabaal (klankbaan)’s bandcamp page, at kabaalklankbaan.bandcamp.com. If you want more information about Kabaal (klankbaan) then check out his Facebook page, click here.

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